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Property Maintenance System

An integrated dashboard that helps you monitor the effective functioning of all your hotel properties. Create and assign tickets instantly to available resources with this easy-to-use software. With the support of AI, prioritize tickets and resolve them swiftly to provide your guests a comfortable stay.

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Stress-free management of
multiple properties

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Effective ticket

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Instant notifications on
new tickets & reminders

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Impactful reputation

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Detailed employees performance

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AI-based strategies to
amp up sales

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MyHotel AI User App

An AI-based app that will help you operate your hotels and manage your resources effectively. Monitor the day-to-day operations of multiple properties right from your smartphone. Oversee the overall productivity of your hotels from anywhere in the world.

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One-point Solution app serves as a complete solution for all your hotel management needs. Run and monitor day-to-day operations from a single app.

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Seamless Workflow

An intelligent application that takes care of the complete ticket resolution process from creation to verification.

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Instant Notifications

Notify owners, GM, and employees instantly on ticket creation and resolution. Ensure awareness and engagement of employees from all levels to focus on priority tickets.

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Custom-made Features

Customize the app permissions according to the internal organizational hierarchy followed in your hotel. Custom features that make it feel like an app of your own.

MyHotel AI - Explainer Videos

MyHotel AI User App Features

Custom features to suit your management needs. Set app permissions by providing or restricting access to critical data.

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Report Issues

Raise issues and report them instantly to our support team. Get instant rectification of issues with our effective troubleshoot system.

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Receive round-the-clock support from our back-end team. Get queries and issues resolved smoothly without hampering the day-to-day functioning of your hotels.

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24/7 Availability

Give your customers top-quality experience with round-the-clock services. Manage your service staff efficiently, resolve tickets instantly and reduce the waiting period for your guests.

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Instant Ticket Creation

Create tickets in a click at once the issue is reported. Share additional details of the issue by means of a photo, audio, or a video on the app.

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The most intelligent hotel management software in the industry

Scale up the ladder as an industry leader by delivering exceptional services to your guests. Prioritize tickets and resolve them in record time to make your customers feel valued and important. will be the most intelligent resource investment for your hotel.

Upload audio, video and images to record tickets extensively

Prioritize tickets to prevent escalation

Real-time updates on new tickets

Track the progress of every ticket resolution process

Resolve tickets 10x more swiftly

Notify managers to verify the resolved tickets

Auto closure of tickets at the event of resolution

Get accurate data on the average time taken for ticket resolution

A-Z hotel management through user-friendly software

A comprehensive hotel management solution for all hotel types and sizes. Our software and application are available and compatible with all smart devices.

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Software & application that can be best experienced with iOS.

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Application that is compatible with android powered devices.

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User-friendly website with easy navigation.

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Admin Dashboard

A digital control room to monitor the functioning of your hotels.

Admin Panel

Your online control room to manage end-to-end operations of your hotels. Forget traveling physically to ensure effective functioning of your properties.
With AI intelligence, witness 10x more productivity in the functioning of your hotels from anywhere in the world.

Manage Multiple Properties

Own multiple hotel properties in various locations? Worry not. With, you can now manage them all at one place, from one place.

Effective Ticket Management

Resolve customers' tickets in record time to make them feel valued. Guests who are made to feel special will visit again, and again.

Instant Notification Alerts

Keep your resources on their toes to respond, create, accept, and resolve tickets super-quick. Enable your employees to upload photos, videos, and audio of the issues faced by your customers for swift resolution.

Simplified property management

now through your

MyHotel Al is compatible with both iOS & Android. This smart Al-based application is now available for download on the App Store & Android Play Store.

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to download the App

Click Me

to download the App

User App Screenshots

Here is a glimpse of how our application looks like.
Classy & professional UX/UI with smooth navigation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions on the functioning of
We’ve answered a few common ones here.

Yes. A complete product demo of the software will be given by our developers to help you make a call on your purchase.

Yes. We empower our customers with a free trial of the software to check out its features, functioning and workflow.

The back-end support team of will be available to provide the required technical support to troubleshoot issues if any.

The entire set of data collected by will be securely stored in the AWS.

We assure holistic data security & privacy to our clients with respect to all confidential customer and business-related data.

The support team of ensures swift resolution of tickets (in less than 12 hours).

Our helpdesk and support staff are available to address your queries and resolve your issues instantly. will be updated and upgraded from time to time. The new versions of the software and application will be available and accessible for our current users as well.

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